// born in geneva 1967.
// graduated in visual communication at the lucerne university of applied sciences and arts in 1988.
// advanced training in textile pattern design and serigraphy at the same university in 1992/93.
// work experience in stage setting and exhibition design.
// studio in zürich since 1997. 

// i love to create... to play with colors, motives and material... to take things apart and find new forms and solutions.
i enjoy sharing my ideas and engaging in creative processes that shape new projects.
i adore nature... love to immerse in different cultures... always moving, innovating and transforming with the flow of life.


// best european learning materials, belma gold award 2018
// worlddidac award 2018
// best of europe corporate publishing 2006, pcp gold
// reproduction of the solidarity poster, institute for social history amsab, gent belgium 2002
// promotion award zug 1995
// excellent on the «grand prix international d’affichage» unesco paris 1987
// swiss poster award 1986
// winner of the poster competition for the first of may on solidarity, swiss federation of trade unions 1986

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